• Specialized consulting regarding labour law.
  • Lawsuits before the Federal and Local Conciliation and Arbitration.
  • Amparo lawsuits against labor authorities acts.
  • Citations of competent authorities.
  • Revisions of collective bargaining agreements with or without strike notices and strike notices.
  • Litigation of lawsuits of ownership and administration of collective bargaining agreements (inter-union conflicts).
  • Representation before the corresponding conventions for revisions of Law Agreement.
  • Advisory regarding collective conflicts of economic nature and massive readjustments of personnel.
  • Transfers of personnel derived from employer substitutions, mergers and spin-offs.
  • Advisory to Human Resources regarding matters related to the administration of personnel, both for collective and individual sectors.
  • Advice on compliance with regulations and subpoenas issued by Labor Authorities regarding Inspections carried out in accordance with the Federal Labor Law.
  • Seminars and conferences on labor topics and conflict prevention.
  • Labor audits.
  • Mowat legal update on the area of specialization that contains fundamental information on the revisions that took place in that period, economic indicators, news on strikes, labor climate, reflection on judicial precedents on labor issues, as well as interviews with union leaders, authorities or employers on current issues in the labor world.
  • We have staff specialized in providing consulting on issues related to affiliation and payment of contributions.
  • Assistance in the preparation and follow-up of litigation before the IMSS and Infonavit, both before the aforementioned Institutes (non-conformities, complaints and requests for disagreement), as well as administrative procedures and legal requirements.
  • We have great experience in dealing with these institutes and the Fonacot with all the necessary procedures to comply with the obligations derived from employer situations, mergers, spin-offs and closure of operations.
  • Independently of the direct handling of all the matters described above, in order to strengthen our presence in this area we have established a strategic alliance with the prestigious and recognized law firm "SANCHEZ ARELLANO, S.C.", resulting in a solid multidisciplinary team in labor and social security matters that acts in the same line and always for the benefit of our clients.
  • Assistance in the processing and obtaining of migratory documents of foreigners, either residents / immigrants and / or temporary visas for non-immigrants foreigners wanting to reside or work in the Mexican Republic.
  • Consulting on the advantages or disadvantages of the different options available for obtaining visas.
  • Assistance in the development and presentation of the relative documentation before the corresponding migratory authorities and representation before the National Institute of Migration.
  • We have extensive experience in providing assistance to our clients in carrying out procedures to obtain migratory documents for foreigners, whether resident, immigrant and/or temporary visas for non-immigrant foreigners to reside or work in Mexico.
  • We also provide counsel on the advantages or disadvantages of the different options available for obtaining visas and in the preparation and filing of the relative documentation with the corresponding migratory authorities and representation before the Instituto Nacional de Migración (National Immigration Institute).